Legal Cannabis Can’t Beat Street Dealers Without Concentrates, Senate Hears

The Cannabis Act’s ban of certain cannabis products will leave a consumer void and allow the black market to thrive, the CEO of a Canadian cannabis company told a Canadian Senate hearing during testimony last week.

Josh Campbell is the head of dosist, a company that has released a disposable, dose-controlled cannabis pen that is selling like hotcakes in California. But in Canada, concentrates and edibles won’t be available for at least a year, and it’s not known not when a product like Campbell’s will be allowed.

Leafly spoke to Campbell after his testimony in front of the Senate’s Standing Committee von Social Affairs, Science, and Technology.

“We were in the Senate advocating that if the government’s mandate is to stamp out the black market, they need to allow for vaporization and concentrates as soon as possible. Our push would be to do that on day one, and allow Health Canada to set

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