Oregon Cannabis Processor Quits Industry Over CBD Oil Violations

An Oregon cannabis company has given up its state license to process cannabis products after being hit with a number of violations for allegedly delivering CBD oil to unlicensed retailers.

Portland-based Modern Medicinals routed CBD oil to at least two health and wellness centers in Oregon, state regulators say. The company also allegedly falsified track-and-trace data in order to allow the products to be diverted.

According to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Board, Modern Medicinals delivered the CBD oil to Mandala Medicine Wellness, which offers acupuncture and massage therapy in Portland, and Salem Hypnosis Solutions, which uses hypnosis in therapies to promote things such as weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, and memory improvement.

Regulators announced Monday that Modern Medicinals has accepted a letter of reprimand for the charged violations, withdrew its request for a hearing, and allowed its processor license to expire. Regulators ratified the stipulated settlement on

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