New Studies Explore How Parents Use Marijuana | Radio Boston

In our weekly CommonHealth segment we discuss recent studies that explore how parents use marijuana, including data on how many parents are using cannabis products at home, and how a majority of dispensaries in Colorado are advising pregnant women to use cannabis to help with nausea.


Carey Goldberg, editor of WBUR’s CommonHealth, which tweets @commonhealth.

Interview Highlights

On Cannabis Use at Home

From the journal Pediatrics, over the course of roughly the last dozen years in the United States, parents with children in the home are smoking fewer cigarettes. The percentage went from 28 percent down to 20 percent. Meanwhile, cannabis use by parents with children at home went up from 5 percent to 7 percent.

Colorado Study Finds Dispensaries Recommend Pregnant Women Use Cannabis

Using a “mystery caller” method, researchers called 400

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