10 Things You Should Know About Aurora Cannabis’ Third-Quarter Report

Over the last two-plus years, marijuana stocks have been practically unstoppable. In most instances, pot stocks have seen their share prices rise by triple- or quadruple-digit percentages. This bullishness is a direct result of a notable shift in the public’s opinion toward cannabis, as well as the expectation of ongoing state- and country-level legalizations.

When it comes to favorability, national pollster Gallup found that nearly two-thirds of Americans support legalizing marijuana in its October 2017 survey. By comparison, support for legalization stood at a mere 25% in 1995, the year before California became the first state to approve the use of medicinal marijuana for compassionate-use patients.

A lit cannabis joint in front of Canada's red maple leaf.

Image source: Getty Images.

With regard to expansion, all eyes are on Canada, which appears to be on the verge of becoming the first developed country in the world to legalize recreational

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