Missouri House’s medical marijuana bill is nothing but a smokescreen

It is very clear from statewide polling data that the majority of Missourians want access to medical marijuana if they have a terminal illness or are suffering from a debilitating medical condition.

While I appreciate the opinion expressed in a recent Star editorial that a legislative solution is preferable to a constitutional amendment for addressing the legality of medical marijuana in Missouri, I respectfully disagree. I fail to see any similarity between the ballot initiatives that have received tremendous popular support from our citizens and Missouri HB 1554, which was passed by the House on May 1 as a last-second attempt by the General Assembly to ensure that Missourians will have the absolute minimum possible access to medical marijuana.

Criticism that the House bill is narrow and restrictive is at best an understatement. HB 1554 is crippling preemptive legislation that essentially removes medical marijuana from the

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