High DIY: Cannabis-Infused Soaps

Move over shower beer, cannabis-infused soap will flatten out those aches. Cannabis topicals are widely reported to be a natural and excellent way to reduce pain, muscle fatigue, and inflammation while soothing skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

When crafting your own soaps, there’s a fun choose-your-own-adventure element to adding the scent and colors of your choice. Lavender oil can relieve stress and anxiety, lemon oil rejuvenates dull skin, while lemongrass oil has antiseptic properties and can strengthen skin tissue—the options and benefits are endless!

Below, make your own cannabis-infused soaps. And don’t forget, topicals are non-intoxicating and will not get you high.

Note: There are two main ways to making soap at home. One is 100% from scratch using lye that you mix yourself. While completely safe with the right gear, lye can be dangerous if handled improperly. The second option involves buying a

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