Marijuana Affects Cognitive Function… but Only for 72 Hours

Purple haze, all in my brain… but just for the next three days.

Jimi Hendrix sang about the aftereffects of drugs in his 1967 song.

And, to this day, the effects of marijuana on brain development in teens and young adults remains a contentious topic.

Previous studies have linked teenage marijuana use with numerous developmental risks, including a decline in cognitive ability.

But a new study is challenging that.

Published this month in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, the study concludes that prior research “may have overstated the magnitude and persistence of cognitive deficits associated with use.”

Additionally, the researchers found that people who abstained from marijuana use for longer than 72 hours had insignificant cognitive issues after that time period.

“Our analyses suggest a detectable but limited association between cannabis use and cognitive functioning in adolescents and young adults; for a majority of individuals, such effects may be

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