Cannabis Oil Stopped Toddler’s Seizures, But State Told Parents It …

What would you do if your child had a serious illness and the only treatment that would stop her pain was illegal?

Two-year-old Jaelah Jerger has epilepsy, and as a baby her tiny body was wracked with up to 30 seizures a day. Her parents tried a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but it didn’t work.

“Every time she has a seizure,” said her dad, Jade Jerger, his voice catching, “to me it’s like watching part of her life slip away.”

“Helpless doesn’t begin to describe [how it feels],” said her mother, Lelah.

The Jergers decided to try a remedy they’d learned about on the internet, an extract from the cannabis plant called cannabidiol, or CBD. Advocates of the oil say it can help with schizophrenia, anxiety, cancer — and epilepsy.

According to the Jergers, CBD’s impact was immediate. Within a week, Jaelah’s seizures were largely gone. It was the miracle they’d dreamed of.


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