Israel’s Together Gets Canadian Deal for Five Tons of Cannabis Oil

Digital branding and marketing can pose countless challenges for cannabis companies—especially in Canada where restrictions on advertising are particularly strict—but there are ways to succeed in the digital space, according to Jenn Larry, president of CBDStrategy Group, a Canadian marketing and communications firm.

“You’re limited, but you’re not locked out,” she says.

Mobile has become a large part of the digital space, and with it comes the idea that your communications are more immediate and more accessible than ever. This instant connection with patients and consumers means you need to share information responsibly, use apps to your advantage and approach social media with caution. Here, in the third installment of a three-part series, Larry shares insights on how to accomplish this to successfully weave digital components into your branding and marketing strategy.

1. Share information responsibly.

When you launch branding and marketing efforts in the digital space, you must ensure you are

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