Calgary capitalizes on cannabis in wake of oil and gas slump

By recognizing that potential, Andrews became an important voice for entrepreneurs in Alberta’s emerging cannabis industry in just a few short years.

He co-founded of the Alberta Cannabis Collective, which will represent cannabis retailers across the province once Bill C-45 is law. He also co-founded a private retail company called Aylmer Nelson, which has already secured commercial real estate for a future store location in Calgary (the word dispensary is frowned-upon by provincial regulators, he explains), although the exact location is top-secret for now.

“It’ll be in a vibrant community,” is all he can say.

But why cannabis?

Andrews, and others forging a path through this largely unknown territory filled with regulatory gaps and steep start-up costs, argue Alberta is perfectly poised to corner the cannabis market for two reasons; its large pool of highly-skilled talent, and the province’s private-business-friendly regulatory environment.

“Just because of the privatization of the industry, we think that (Alberta)

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