Does Cannabis Affect Your Immune System?

Scientific research is proving more and more medical uses for cannabis. Experts cite medical marijuana as an effective treatment to use in conjunction with other medications, often to decrease their side effects. For example, people with epilepsy, cancer and HIV frequently use cannabis. Furthermore, many people choose to smoke weed instead of drink alcohol when they’re sick. But does cannabis affect your immune system? Here’s what we know so far.

Some Studies Show That Cannabis Improves Immune Function

There’s a deficit of marijuana research due to government agencies hesitancy or downright opposition to cannabis research. However, a few studies conducted without federal backing show promising results when it comes to marijuana and your immune system.

To date, there is little conclusive data on the impact of consuming cannabis on a healthy person’s immune system. The bulk of immune system-related research looks at cannabis’ effect on HIV/AIDS patients.

HIV/AIDS is an immunodeficiency virus, meaning that

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