Texas considers yanking products that have added CBD from …

Industry groups are pushing back, arguing that the products aren’t dangerous, that the policy would be impossible to enforce and that elected officials, not state agencies, should make the rules.

In a statement, the Texas Cannabis Industry Association described the policy as “a blow to the liberty of thousands of Texans who choose hemp-CBD as a general wellness product and rely on it for the natural treatment of serious medical conditions.”

The agency has rarely cracked down on the products, which are sold at wellness clinics, chiropractic clinics and even smoothie shops. It has detained CBD products between three and five times, Anton said.

Patrick Moran, a McKinney resident and one of the founders of the Texas Cannabis Industry Association, said the state would be going from “zero to 100” if it clears the shelves. “They have no previous standing whatsoever,” he said. “This is not a clarification. This is the first shot fired.”

Moran also said

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