Can Cannabis Treat Seizures? Biotechs Say The Answer Is Yes

When Sylvie Lammert had her first seizure at nine months old, she was rushed to an emergency room where doctors couldn’t find an apparent cause. It would be the first of five seizures she had that day.


During the last seizure, it took medical personnel 30 minutes before they could bring the baby’s tiny, convulsing body under control. And it would be years before doctors could diagnose Lammert’s debilitating condition — later determined to be a rare form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome — and even longer before they found a medication that could help.

Eventually, she was enrolled in a trial on Epidiolex, a cannabis-based oil made by U.K.-based GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH). The drug, which contains the chemical cannabidiol, or CBD, has made a world of difference for Lammert and could do the same for drugmakers now experimenting in cannabis-based treatments.

“The first

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