UC San Diego Doctor Uses Cannabis To Treat Pain

In recent research from UC San Diego’s Center for Medical Cannabis Research, doctors say they are finding cannabis useful in treating chronic pain and weaning people off of opioids. But they are running into barriers when it comes to advancing that research.

Meanwhile, some patients say the research is saving their lives. Rudy Reyes is one of those patients. He was severely burned during the 2003 Cedar Fire.

“My house was now on fire so I couldn’t stay there so I came out and basically made the decision to run through the fire line. I covered my face with my hands and lost that finger and that ear because the flames were coming from that direction,” said Reyes.

After running through the flames, Reyes survived. The water combined with heat from the fire created steam so intense it peeled off 75 percent of his skin. His nerves were so badly damaged he

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