New Study Suggests Link Between Cannabis Use and Cigarette Smoking

Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, a new study suggests a link between cannabis use and cigarette smoking. The study found that non-smokers and former smokers who use marijuana had a better chance of smoking cigarettes than those who didn’t.

The Study’s Findings

Researchers at the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health and the City University of New York published the study. They surveyed 34,639 people around the country in obtaining their results.

The research looks at the correlation between marijuana and cigarette smoking. It discovered three tendencies. First, those who smoke weed had a higher chance of smoke cigarettes than those who didn’t. Second, those who used to smoke, and now smoke weed, are likely to take up the habit again. And third, those who smoke cigarettes would, in all likelihood, keep smoking.

According to the study, smokers are over five times as likely as non-smokers to use marijuana daily.

Additionally, researchers identified two

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