"Brilliant news": Your reactions as family say they can use cannabis …

Readers have reacted with delight after a six-year-old boy was granted permission to use cannabis oil to treat his severe epilepsy.

Kenilworth schoolboy Alfie Dingley is believed to be one of only five boys in the world who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy – PCDH19 – that can cause up to 150 potentially life-threatening seizures a month.

His parents have been campaigning to get Alfie a special licence to use cannabis oil and his mum, Hannah, now says government ministers have ‘approved in principle’ the idea.

Hannah and her husband Drew met with Prime Minister Theresa May and other ministers yesterday (March 20) to plead for the right to use the medicine, banned in the UK, to reduce the number of seizures Alfie suffers.

They also handed over a 380,000-strong petition to Downing Street.

Alfie Dingley from Kenilworth who needs medicine made from

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