Pueblo Pilot Study Disputes Stereotypes About Marijuana Use, Crime And Homelessness

The 404 Dispensary, which bills itself as “The Dispensary that Rocks,” was one of the first retail marijuana shops to open near downtown Pueblo. 

Shanna Lewis/For CPR News

Adult marijuana use has increased since legalization, according to a pilot research project looking into the impacts of legal marijuana on Pueblo County. But overall, researchers found pot is not to blame for many of the county’s challenges. 

Economists with Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute of Cannabis Research found that marijuana sales netted some $35 million for the Pueblo area in 2016. That’s after factoring in any marijuana-related increase in costs.

Researchers also heard that some homeless people may be drawn to Pueblo for legal pot. But ICR sociologist Timothy McGettigan said Pueblo’s homeless problem is more complicated than that — and the recent increases are due more to

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