It’s much easier to get P than cannabis in NZ – study

Police have launched an organised crime taskforce in Tauranga, as data shows that it’s now easier to get meth than cannabis everywhere in New Zealand. 

More than 6000 drug users were surveyed by Massey University, and the results are frightening.

A shocking 54 percent of meth users said the highly addictive drug was “very easy” to get, compared to just 14 percent of cannabis users saying the same.

In Northland, 65 percent could get meth very easily compared with only 15 percent for cannabis. In Auckland, it was 51 percent to one percent. Wellington and Otago were the only regions where it dipped below 50 percent.

In contrast, the percentages of cannabis users who found it very easy doesn’t exceed 20 percent anywhere in New Zealand.

In terms of how easy the drug is to obtain,

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