Trippy Slippers Pure Cannabis Oil: Vape. Dab. Eat. Apply.

Test Results: 31.86% THCA | .9% CBD | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid | Tested By: Digipath Labs

Trippy Slippers Pure Cannabis Oil by VVG Labs

Imagined and produced by Mitch Wilson, Owner and Master Extractor at VVG Lab, Trippy Slippers pure cannabis oil is a custom blend of two sativa-dominant hybrid strains: LSD and Glass Slipper. After going through a CO2 extraction and chemical-free purification process, the result is golden-hued, pure oil rich with terpenes.

The VVG Trippy Slippers Oil Twistable came with instructions detailing the various ways you can consume the fully activated oil: Vape. Dab. Eat. Apply. So, I decided I’d make a daytrip out of it and try all of them over the course of one day. I started the morning off with a beautifully floral wake n’ bake dab. Feeling inspired—and hungry—I created what I feel was the greatest invention of my life: a

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