Meet the Coventry woman who claims she cured her cancer with cannabis oil

A Coventry woman who claims she cured her terminal cancer with cannabis oil and won £84,000 in a competition she entered whilst ‘stoned’ has said she will do everything she can to legalise the drug that saved her life.

Doctors gave Joy Smith six weeks to live when she was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach and bowel, but almost two years later she is close to getting the all clear.

She claims that regular doses of THC cannabis oil, which is illegal in the UK, have destroyed her inoperable tumours leaving doctors stunned by her miraculous recovery.

“When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything, trust me,” Joy, 52, said.

“I was a bit sceptical about the oil at first as I’d never taken drugs or anything like that – but I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody.

“Cannabis oil should be

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