Ricki Lake-Produced Film Weed the People Argues for Marijuana Use as a Cancer Treatment

As marijuana use continues to become decriminalized across the United States, doctors, researchers and patients are pushing to make it an accepted part of cancer treatments.

The new film Weed the People, executive-produced by Ricki Lake, follows families as they discover the benefits of marijuana for their child’s cancer and chemotherapy.

“When your kid’s got cancer, the rulebook goes out the window,” the mom of an elementary school-aged kid says in the trailer. “I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t explore everything that there was.”

One researcher explains that the federal government is in a catch-22, because it will not allow further research on the benefits of cannabis against cancer because there’s not enough research. But doctors are seeing the benefits.

“It’s the same as any other drug,” says one doctor. “There are chemical compounds in the plant that interact with the cells in our body, and have certain reactions.

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