Could Cannabis be the Cure?

With the upsetting case of Alfie Dingley dominating news headlines (“Home Office denies medical cannabis pleas for boy age six”), the UK Government is being asked to reconsider its approach to medicinal cannabis. But what would this mean for manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and, most importantly, potential patients?

If, like me, you have been following the case of Alfie Dingley in the news, you’ll be familiar with the debate that is raging over the use of medicinal cannabis in the UK. Of course, we can all have an opinion on the somewhat tricky (and extremely nuanced) topic of drug decriminalisation – but what is the Government’s stance, and are attitudes shifting? And if they are, what would any change mean for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and, most importantly, for patients?

Alfie’s case

Alfie, aged six, suffers with a rare form of epilepsy (only nine other children in the world suffer with the same

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