A Border Wall to Save Us All

President Donald Trump caught headlines earlier this month when he unexpectedly dropped into a White House summit on opioids and — in the midst of pledging to crack down on drug “pushers” — mused that some countries execute people convicted of drug offenses. It was a classic Trumpian throwaway line that drew applause from those in attendance at the summit, including Kellyanne Conway, the alternative-fact-touting pollster and communications specialist with no public health experience whom Trump inexplicably tapped to act as the administration’s opioid czar and lead the national campaign to reduce opioid abuse.

And this came just weeks after Newsweek reported that Conway has sidelined the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the nation’s leading experts, from conversations and instead convened an “opioid cabinet” of political staff that is reportedly pushing a “just say no” campaign and echoing the president’s calls for a border wall. So the administration’s response to

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