Cannabis Compounds Reduce Epileptic Seizure Frequency In Children And Teenagers

A year after the first sizable controlled trial on the effectiveness of cannabinoids in managing epileptic seizures was published, a 36-study review has confirmed evidence for effectiveness, but so far only for younger patients.

Growing acceptance that cannabis has medical benefits is contributing to a widespread rollback of laws against the drug. However, the legacy of the drug’s long prohibition is a lack of hard evidence for the effectiveness of cannabis, and the compounds that make it up, because it is so hard to win approval to study a drug you can go to jail for consuming.

Anecdotal accounts of marijuana consumption reducing epileptic fits are widespread, contributing to decisions to loosen restrictions on the drug in Australia, among other places. In the quest to add some rigor to the debate, Dr Emma Stockings of the University of New South Wales conducted a systematic review, published in the ... read more at: