Clinical Study Shows Medical Cannabis Relieves Fibromyalgia

In a study published in February in peer review Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, researchers found that medical cannabis had “significant favorable effect on patients with fibromyalgia, with few adverse effects.”

In human trials, study authors worked with patients from two different Israeli hospitals. A group of 26 patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia who agreed to be treated with medical marijuana was documented.

Seventy three percent of the study subjects were female, with a median age of 37-years old. Subjects were asked to take medical cannabis treatment for 10-11 months for their symptoms. The average dosage varied between 26-28 grams a month. At the end of the trial, subjects were asked to fill out a questionnaire for analysis.

Study results reported that 100 percent of patients reported effective relief after using medical cannabis, and half of the group stopped using other pain medication.

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