March 6, 2018

In a study published in February in peer review Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, researchers found that medical cannabis had “significant favorable effect on patients with fibromyalgia, with few adverse effects.” In human trials, study authors worked with patients from two different Israeli hospitals. A group of 26 patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia who agreed to be […]

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Users of opioids for pain may not find added relief with cannabis, researchers reported here. In a study led by Teresa Bigand, RN-BC, MSN, CNL, of Washington State University (WSU) in Spokane, use of cannabis within the month prior was not found to be predictive of sleep quality, intensity in pain, or […]

State health officials issued an advisory Tuesday warning residents of a “potentially contaminated cannabidiol oil” that has caused a recent spike in hospital emergency room visits. Along with being consumed as an oil, a similar product has been found in electronic cigarettes and vaporizing pens, officials with the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services […]

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TSX-V:AQS) (OTCQB:AQSZF) (“Aequus” or the “Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on developing, advancing and promoting differentiated products, and Ehave, Inc. (OTCQB:EHVVF) (“Ehave”), a healthcare bioinformatics company whose platform efficiently captures, integrates, and delivers high-quality clinical data and treatment tools, have […]

Home to multiple universities and research initiatives, Philadelphia continues to rise as a leader in medical cannabis, and is now positioned to become the cannabis hub for the Northeast Corridor by 2020. “The Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo is key to establishing Pennsylvania as the Cannabis and Hemp Research Capital in the United States,” says […]

Pabon, the pro-legal weed lawmaker from Colorado, lamented the lack of marijuana-related data in his state. Prior to legalization in 2014, Colorado didn’t keep track of statistics like the number of people caught driving under the influence of marijuana. Without a baseline, Pabon said, it’s been hard to determine increases or decreases on things like the number of […]

A woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease-type symptoms claims cannabis oil helps control her tremors and tics. Diane Lee, 53, from Prestatyn in North Wales, says she was diagnosed with drug-induced Parkinsonism, which causes her body to shake. Mrs Lee says an anti-depressant, sertraline, which she was taking for two years sparked her condition, the Daily […]