Idaho lawmakers kill cannabis oil bill during apparently illegal closed-door committee meeting – The Spokesman

BOISE — A proposal to legalize oil extracted from cannabis plants is likely dead for the year after a group of lawmakers on Monday broke out in turmoil during a last-minute attempt to advance the bill.

Republican Sen. Tony Potts asked the Senate Health and Welfare Committee to give HB 577 a hearing after supporters of the bill said they were being blocked by legislative leaders.

“I think we have to remember that we represent people, people who vote for us, people who are our friends,” Potts said, who was appointed to the Idaho Falls’ legislative seat in October. “If your constituents are anything like mine, there is a large amount of individuals who desire the health benefits of this.”

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD oil, comes from cannabis but contain little or no THC. Supporters tout CBD as a supplement that can help alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve skin health, although

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