Case Study Shows Potential Danger of Contaminated Cannabis

A recent study points to fungus-infested cannabis as the cause of Valley Fever in a California female, according to an article originally published in the British Daily Mail. The January study cited consumption of outdoor cannabis that contained Coccidioides Immitis fungus as the source of the infection.

According to a case study published in January’s British Medical Journal, a 48-year-old woman and cannabis patient who smoked up to six blunts a day had been suffering from dizziness, tiredness, could not remember her name and was behaving aggressively. After a few weeks, the doctors identified a coccidioidomycosis infection as the cause, but it was unclear how the patient had become infected.

In some regions of California, the fungus Coccidioides Immitis is present in the soil. This fungus species can cause Coccidioidomycosis, commonly known as Cocci, Valley fever, California fever or desert rheumatism, in humans. When plants are cultivated in soil where

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