Cannabis Stock Report: Marijuana Index Gains To Close Volatile Week While Bullish Market Continues To Disappoint

The North American Marijuana Index closed out a volatile week on Friday on the upswing, gaining almost two and a half points despite relative uncertainty in the broader markets right now. Still, a bullish market continues to disappoint as the Index fell nearly three percent since Monday’s opening bell. Both U.S. and Canadian Marijuana Indices managed marginal gains, climbing just over one percent each on Friday.

(c) The Marijuana Index

Meanwhile, Wall Street, abuzz with worries of trade wars and an overly-aggressive Federal Reserve managed to partially come back from a down morning to end the day mixed. The Standard Poor’s 500 index rose 13.58 points, on Friday, while the Dow Jones industrial average fell 0.3 percent, and the Nasdaq composite rose 1.1 percent, with the latter closing out the day at 7,257.87.

“This is a clear demonstration that the Trump administration does not understand trade economics,”

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