Australian Researchers Announce Study to Determine if Cannabis Can Treat Patients with Tourette Syndrome


Cannabis is one of the most versatile plant medicines on the planet. Countless patients suffering from a myriad of disorders and symptoms have been helped through consuming medical cannabis. Researchers in Australia recently announced that they seek to determine whether the neurological disorder known as Tourette syndrome can be added to the list.

The study will take place at the Wesley Medical Research Institute, with 24 adult patients participating in the study. Neuropsychiatrist Philip Mosley will be directing the team of researchers to see if medical marijuana could eventually be used as an alternative to the antipsychotic medications often prescribed to those with the tic disorder.

The researchers want to see if cannabis can help calm the involuntary actions of patients with Tourette syndrome. These involuntary actions are known as ‘tics’ and vary widely depending on the individual –

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