Many patients say medical marijuana relieves chronic pain … –

Tyesha Nelson isn’t down on medical marijuana, even though it didn’t help her with her intractable pain.

The 31-year Duluth, Minn., woman “was placing all my bets on the medical marijuana” to relieve the pain from the rheumatoid arthritis with which she had been diagnosed at age 23, she said Wednesday.

She had a dose in August 2016, soon after intractable pain was added as an approved condition for treatment with medical cannabis in Minnesota. Not only did it fail to relieve her pain, Nelson said, it “gave me the worst anxiety I ever experienced in my life.”

After trying it again last July with the same results, Nelson called the pharmacist at cannabis provider LeafLine Labs in Hibbing. He told her she probably was having an allergic reaction and advised her to seek medical help immediately.

“I didn’t because I didn’t want to give medical marijuana a bad rap,” Nelson said. “I’m only

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