High-strength cannabis now dominates illegal market, study finds …

Almost all cannabis seized by police now comprises high-strength varieties, with outdoor-grown herbal strains and hashish barely found, according to a new analysis.

In the first study of its kind for 10 years, researchers from GW Pharmaceuticals, which makes medicines derived from cannabis, and King’s College London found 94% of samples seized by police were varieties with a high psychoactive content, suggesting they dominate the illicit market. The researchers warned of “concerning implications for public health”.

“We are talking about a market where pretty much all the samples that the police come across are represented by this high-potency [product],” said Dr Marta Di Forti, one of the authors from King’s College London. “This is actually worrying because if we do believe that there are types of cannabis that can be used more safely – because of the presence of cannabidiol – well, at least in this country, these are

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