Do medical marijuana laws reduce opioid overdoses? A new study …

As the opioid crisis deepens in many places across the country, an increasing number of researchers and advocates are looking at legal marijuana as a possible solution. But a new study suggests that the connection between the two is more complicated than previously understood.

The study, which was published online this month by the Journal of Health Economics, makes two significant findings.

First, it confirms the results of a groundbreaking 2014 study that found states with medical marijuana laws have lower rates of fatal opioid overdoses. The connection was most dramatic, the new study concludes, in states that allowed dispensaries. For cannabis advocates, that is a major result because it provides further evidence that, when given the option, people may choose to treat pain with marijuana instead of with highly addictive opioids.

But the study’s second finding adds a complicating layer to the debate.

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