This study shows alcohol could be more damaging to the brain than …

Booze could be more damaging to your brain than weed – according to a recent study which linked alcohol consumption to long-term changes to parts of the brain, but didn’t find any long-term changes in relation to marijuana.

The study found that the negative effects of drinking were worse for adults over the age of 18, but that even in younger people there was a noticeable effect on reducing the levels of grey matter, the stuff that processes information in the brain.

But the researchers are keen to point out that it’s a complex picture – more work is going to be needed to figure out exactly what these drugs do to the connections inside our neural networks.

“With alcohol, we’ve known it’s bad for the brain for decades,” says one of the team, Kent Hutchison from the University of Colorado Boulder. “But for cannabis, we know so little.”

The research looked at

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