Douglas Todd: Canada’s psychologists urge marijuana vigilance

Apart from the #Metoo maelstrom and the housing crises in Toronto and Vancouver, few things stir up Canadians more than marijuana, which its promoters claim is the cure for everything from glaucoma to brain disease.

Should private outlets sell recreational marijuana? Is it more enjoyable to smoke or swallow cannabis? Will I get rich on pot stocks? Is it possible to remove the criminal underground from Canada’s $6 billion-a-year cannabis industry?

With the federal Liberals preparing to legalize recreational marijuana across Canada — which has among the highest usage rates in the world — the B.C. government this month announced plans to regulate and sell it, opting for one ounce at a time to those age 19 and above. Informal polling suggests a slim majority approve.

Meanwhile, the social libertarians argue that virtually any attempt to restrict cannabis is a victory for nanny-state prudishness. Others act as

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