I Tried a Weed-Infused Olive Oil, and It’s the Only Thing I Ever Want to Cook With Now

On top of helping lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, we can now add “a nice buzz” to reasons we love olive oil. Pot d’Huile is a cannabis-infused EVOO that can be used in place of regular olive oil in any recipe. I had the pleasure of trying it out myself at a recent cannabis dinner, hosted by Jamie Evans (aka The Herb Somm) and Devika Maskey of TSO Sonoma, and it was an “elevated” dining experience indeed.

Pot d’Huile was designed for use by both culinary professionals and folks cooking at home. Using high-quality cannabis flower and certified extra virgin olive oil sourced by Northern California farms, the San Francisco-based product boasts fantastic taste in addition to consistent dosage. There’s one milligram of THC per one milliliter of olive oil, so if you’re new to

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