​Medical Cannabis Oil Sales Soar As Holland & Barrett Becomes …

Sales of medicinal cannabis oil have apparently doubled over the past year – with demand only growing as Holland Barrett becomes the first high street store to stock it.

According to the Cannabis Trades Association UK, the number of cannabidiol (CBD) users has jumped from 125,000 just 12 months ago to 250,000 now.

CBD oil has less than 0.2 percent of the psychoactive ­tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol, meaning that not only does it not produce a high, but also that it is legal in the UK.

It’s used to ease symptoms of multiple ­sclerosis, joint pain, anxiety and depression, along with many other conditions.

Made by pressing hemp leaves and flowers, it usually involves user putting drops under their tongue.

Sales of Dutch firm Jacob Hooy’s CBD+Oil are up 37 percent since Holland Barrett started stocking it four weeks ago, with people swarming to stores to buy the 10ml bottles

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