Study explores Calgarians’ views on enforcement and regulation of cannabis use

More than half of Calgarians believe the way public consumption of cannabis is regulated and enforced should more closely resemble drinking alcohol than smoking tobacco.

That’s according to the city’s Cannabis Research Combined Study prepared by Environics Research that was released Friday.

The study aimed to gauge Calgarians’ views on potential regulations and restrictions surrounding the consumption and sales of marijuana products, in addition to home growth of plants, once the federal government legalizes cannabis later this year. Its findings are built on telephone surveys in November of more than 1,000 Calgarians 18 or older, along with five focus groups — including opponents of legalization and both recreational and medical users — in addition to 30 in-depth interviews last month of Calgarians who plan to be involved in cannabis production or retail.

About 55 per cent of those who took part in the study indicated that the regulation of marijuana consumption should be

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