Make This Edible Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil for Valentine’s Day

Just try it! Photos: Maria Penaloza Danielle Guercio

When used topically, cannabis infused oils can soften sore muscles and relieve pain, which means they can feel pretty nice when applied by other people. Though there’s no major intoxication happening without ingestion, some notice a slight buzz, especially if you use a large amount over a wide area of skin. They give you a warm, relaxed, fuzzy kind of feeling which goes great with sex—a commonly recognized activity of Valentine’s Day.

Granting massage oil edible powers takes no extra effort, especially if you already fiddle around with cannabis. Truth be told, it’s excellent for more than just sex. Uterus-havers will rejoice in its cramp-relieving powers; fitness people can enjoy faster recovery; and chronic pain sufferers and those who endure sleepless nights will benefit

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