Legal cannabis users denied access at Georgia schools – WXIA

ACWORTH, Ga. — 11Alive News has learned parents of children in Georgia on the state’s registry to legally use a low THC form of cannabis oil are being denied access at school.

Joe and Marianne Albert of Acworth in Cobb County confirm that is, in fact, the case for their daughter Kiana, a student at Allatoona High School.

After years of trying, the Alberts decided to adopt two children from South Korea.

“Are you going to love this child like your own flesh and blood? And I think it became very quick out of the gate that it really didn’t matter, that you’ll lay your life on the line for that child no different than you would if it is your own blood,” said Joe Albert, Kiana’s father.

Somehow becoming a parent was more rewarding than they could’ve ever imagined.


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