How This Specialized Consultancy Helps Tribal Communities Seize Opportunity in the Cannabis Industry

Top photo: Pyramid Lake Paiute Chairman Vinton Hawley, Cassandra Dittus, Joseph Dice, Nevada’s Gov. Brian Sandoval, Timothy Souza and Ely Shoshone Councilman and Secretary Trent Griffith, representatives of two of the tribes that received compacts in 2017 celebrating at the signing of Nevada’s SB375 with Gov.Sandoval.

As tribal communities work to get involved in the cannabis industry, getting to a point where a tribe can license its own businesses and issue its own medical marijuana cards is a huge accomplishment, says Cassandra Dittus, co-founder of Tribal Cannabis Consulting, a national firm specializing in Native American cannabis policy.

And Dittus’ business has helped tribes do just that. With the Ely Shoshone, Yerington Paiute, Pyramid Lake and other Nevada tribes successfully establishing compacts with Gov. Brian Sandoval, her work has been crucial to establishing regulatory codes to allow tribal governments to create internal medical marijuana frameworks and business plans, as well as

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