Q&A With A Cannabis Clinician: What Cancer Patients Should Know

What are the risks of using cannabis?

Every medicine has risks and side effects and we need to expect them. There’s no achievable lethal dose of cannabis, but that doesn’t mean cannabis can’t make you feel terrible if you overdose on it.

Intoxication or high for most of my patients is viewed as an unfavorable side effect. A lot of people approach me and say they want the kind of cannabis that doesn’t get you high. That doesn’t exist. The THC that’s causing the high is also what’s giving the benefit. The way I look at this is the intoxication is a side effect and we need to manage the side effects, like with any medication.

Is there a real difference between marijuana bought on the street and cannabis bought (at a higher price) from a licensed dispensary?

In a dispensary, all the cannabis is tested

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