More Than 60% of Americans Are in Favor of Legalizing Cannabis, New Survey Says

A new survey from Pew Research Center suggests that recent legal weed support from Capitol Hill is long overdue, with over 60 percent of American adults in favor of ending cannabis prohibition altogether. The data comes at a time when American politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to react to Jeff Sessions’ attempted cannabis interference and lawmakers at both the federal and state level implicitly demonstrate that opposing the Trump administration must also include active cannabis reform.

The Pew survey, conducted in October 2017, before Sessions revoked the Obama-era Cole memo — the federal policy of noninterference regarding states with recreational cannabis legalization — found that 61% of Americans said they believe the use of cannabis should be legal. This is a four percent increase from the Washington, D.C.-based research center’s last set of statistics, released late last year, before Donald Trump took over the Oval

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