Zach DeStefano: The science of cannabis

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Zachary DeStefano, a recent political science graduate of the University of Vermont. He has written and provided research assistance for the nonprofit Protect our Wildlife.

Sentiment from President Ronald Reagan’s propagandistic campaign against marijuana is still persistent in the U.S. – even in Vermont. It is unsurprising that anti-cannabis advocacy groups continue to use the outdated rhetoric to support unscientific claims.

Clearly, a maturing brain (under the age of 21) should not be exposed to cannabis, the same way it should not be exposed to caffeine – both hinder mental development. Nonetheless, for mature brains, cannabis is in fact less addictive than caffeine. More importantly, cannabis may actually be Vermont’s ticket out of the opioid crisis, as it may really be an anti-gateway drug.

The repression of cannabis has led to a delay in necessary research that could aid the medical industry and its patients. THC

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