Police crack down on stores selling illegal cannabis oil products

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) — The battle to bring medical cannabis to Iowa has hit a potentially dangerous stumbling block after it was discovered that illegal products are being sold in the state.

Pharmacists said consumers have been purchasing products they thought were legal but didn’t know what ingredients the products contained.

Police have seized medical cannabis from store shelves in Carroll and Muscatine.

“You have to question what’s in that product,” said Andrew Funk, Iowa Board of Pharmacy executive director. “You just don’t know, and the safety is unknown as well.”

Authorities say edibles, creams and oils – cannabidiol, or CBD – marijuana products are popping up in unregulated Iowa stores.

“What people are seeing on the shelves, they shouldn’t be seeing anything yet,” Funk said, adding that he doesn’t know how the products are getting onto the shelves.

The first marijuana-related bill

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