EXCLUSIVE: Contaminants detected in unlicensed cannabis oil products

An underground cannabis oil supplier has sold poor quality “medicines” to cancer patients for about double the price of pure gold.

The supplier, Luke Watson of Tuggerah Lakes, NSW, claimed online to “have saved countless lives” with his cannabis products, but an investigation by The New Daily has uncovered contaminants within them.

Mr Watson admitted online that he would spend “sometimes 18 hours a day” making medicinal cannabis and charged seriously ill patients around $6000 for 60 grams of cannabis oil.

He said he paid “a minimum” of $4500 on just material alone to make cannabis oil and travelled on his “own pocket multiple times … with commercial amounts of an illegal drug” to hand-deliver the product.

Customers who questioned the efficacy of Mr Watson’s cannabis products relied on independent sources provided by The New Daily for quality verification.

“It did nothing

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