Study shows most San Francisco teens haven’t tried marijuana … – KGO

Now that the sale of marijuana is legal in California, vendors expect a two-fold increase in the adult-use market. But the San Francisco Department of Public Health is doing everything it can to keep teens from using cannabis. That department began a social media campaign with the purpose of letting youth know the facts and risks of using pot at an early age.

Scientists have long known that the brain is continuously developing until the mid 20s. The use of cannabis affects a person’s neuro-development.

“You are more likely to have problems with learning, memory, and attention, affecting your school,” said San Francisco’s Health Officer, Tomas Aragon.

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Those who have a family history of mental illness are more likely to develop things like psychosis or even schizoprenia.

The good news is that most of San Francisco’s youth have never tried marijuana.

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