How I used cannabis to treat my dog’s cancer

A little over three years ago a walnut-sized lump appeared on my dog’s side. I took him to a vet and the doctor told me he didn’t handle such things, and downplayed its seriousness. No big thing. So I was in no rush to do anything. However, a few months later, the lump started growing fast.

I had other illness and problems in my household at the time, and I put Kai low on the priority list. He became lethargic, laying around and barely moving. When he went out in the yard he needed assistance to climb the three steps to the porch to get back in the house. Other lumps began appearing on his body. His breathing became labored at times.

I finally took him to a different vet. This doctor told me that my dog had cancer. He had a tumor wrapped around his carotid artery that would be tricky

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