Ex-Cops Are Cashing in on Cannabis. Is That Okay?

Naturally, Fantino, the former police chief, falls back on the old “I had to enforce the laws as written” argument to justify all the cannabis arrests and prosecutions he oversaw. But in a markedly confrontational interview with the CBC, he also said “you’re making a huge mistake if you believe that I put everyone in jail that I came across that had marijuana. I gave all kinds of people all kinds of breaks.”

Interesting take—and one that raises a few questions. For starters: On what basis did Fantino decide who deserved a break and who deserved to go to jail? If he gave people “all kinds of breaks” for cannabis as a police chief, why did Fantino go on to campaign for tougher penalties as a Cabinet minister? And how can he justify profiting off cannabis so soon after acting as a national spokesperson against legalization?

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