Dogs overdosing on marijuana, veterinarian warns

With legal medical marijuana on the horizon, a Nova Scotia vet says he’s seeing an increase in dogs overdosing on pot, even as interest grows in treating pets with cannabis oil.

“Dogs are getting into people’s stash, brownies or suckers, and basically they’ve been pretty messed up by it,” said Dr. Jeff Goodall, who runs Sunnyview Animal Care Centre in Bedford, N.S.

Goodall said he can’t remember treating a pet for marijuana toxicity a few years ago.

But in the last two years, he’s had about eight dogs come into his clinic showing the telltale signs — urinating uncontrollably, wobbling, and vocalizing.

“We’re definitely seeing many more suspicious cases,” he said.

Marijuana can cause dogs to become extremely ill and, in rare cases, can kill them, Goodall said.

“Dogs are extremely sensitive to much lower doses than people are,” he said.

Jeff Goodall 2

Dr. Jeff Goodall says other pets can overdose too, especially lizards and parrots who are highly sensitive to

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